Experienced Political Surveys Performed

Our Experience

Performed surveys in 2009 and 2014 state elections for various parties. We have conducted surveys in 2009 for newly established one of the Nellore PRP MP aspirator. At the time in same elections we surveyed major constitutions like Survey Palli, Nellore City and Nellore MP candidate. In 2009, there was a month gap between Elections and Counting, in between the candidates was so excitement to know their results. During that we have done survey and given their results 100% correct. In 2012, we conducted survey for Nellore By-Elections of MP candidate. In 2014 also we surveyed for various parties Corporator, MLA and MP candidates.

How we work?

We provides a platform for young professionals to meaningfully associate with electoral politics and contribute to policy making and governance by setting the agenda for incoming governments.