Online Surveys to Earn Money in India

Top 10 Online Surveys to Earn Money in India

If you are looking for best paying survey sites in India then you are at right place. Let me make it clear that not all survey panels are equal and some of them are just a wastage of time and effort.

We will share with you top paying survey panels that are legitimate, free to join and send you high paying surveys. We want you to make best use of your time and effort that results in maximum earnings from paid surveys.

Before we move further, let me answer you few frequently asked questions and myths about paid survey sites so that you do not get scammed in search of your best survey sites:

Are these free to join?

Yes. All the survey panels that we recommend are legitimate and 100% free to join. You need no money to invest to start with paid surveys.

What are the requirements to make money taking surveys?

In order to make money taking surveys you need to fulfill below requirements:

  • Access to a laptop or PC or a smartphone.
  • Access to Internet.
  • You must be 14 years old.

What are the different survey rewards?

Most of the survey companies these days pay by PayPal or Amazon gift certificates. These are easy and quick way to receive your survey earnings.

Why survey companies pay to take surveys?

Survey companies act on behalf of their clients and collect consumer’s feedback. They pay you for your opinions, effort and time.

How much money one can make from paid surveys?

Frankly you wont be rich, however, you can earn some good side cash taking surveys. Making extra money is always good. You can consider earnings from paid surveys as a supplementary earning.

We highly recommend you to join at least 10-15 survey panels to start with. Join below and we will send you top 10 paying survey sites that will include top 5 survey panels that pay by PayPal and top 5 survey panels that pay by Amazon gift certificates.

So take action, subscribe, join best survey sites and make extra money by sharing your opinions about the products and services that you buy and use.

What is DOI?

DOI means double opt in. Most of the survey panels are double opt in that means you have to confirm your email id by clicking the confirmation email sent to your email id. If you do not confirm your email id you will not receive any survey invitations. So don’t forget to confirm your email id after joining a survey panel.

What is a focus group?

Focus group is an interactive survey where the participants interact with each other whether online or in person under the supervision of a moderator. Focus groups are high paying surveys where you can get 20-50$ for a one hour online focus group survey or 100-200$ for in person studies.